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    Chuck Hollis

    After you posted, I went and read Mike's post, and -- yeah -- it seems like he's sort of new to the whole SP space.

    Sure, operational efficiency for any SP is table stakes -- but now the conversation has shifted to business strategies, go-to-market, differentiation, etc. And, like you, I get tired of the bashing.

    Oh well.

    -- Chuck

    Jeramiah Dooley

    I agree, service creation is the phrase I'm hearing everywhere. Now that I can have a Vblock on the floor and running in four weeks, the next challenge is "what do we want to sell" and "who do we want to sell it to.". Operational Efficiency was something established early on in the process...


    Operational efficiency should NOT be a profound topic in this day and age. Isn't operational efficiency the most basic reason for IT in the first place? It's a shame that people have lost sight of that and have to be reminded. Good post!

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