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    Nice read. Almost makes me want to put together a high-end rig myself.


    Very cool. Makes me drool and wish I wasn't in management. When we buy our new place in Kelowna, BC our place will be wired up the wazooo and will have a few labs so I can tinker.

    Jeramiah Dooley

    Honestly, Mike? Don't do it. I think the golden age of high-end kit is over, and all of the veteran groups are owned by a major manufacturer. Voodoo, Alienware, everyone is corporate now. You are better off just buying something pre-built and getting a 3-year warranty. In 2007, the Blackbird was my way of getting out of the home-built game, even though it seems to have led me right back again...


    Well, I've been all Mac at home for several years, and while I buy a top-end iMac every year or so, and trickle down mine to the CFO, then her's to a family member, I've had this itch to build a computer lately. Probably partly due to the Maximum PC subscription I've maintained.

    Now, though, having seen your next post about your home lab, I think I may be able to kill two birds with one stone. Scratch the building itch and also put together a home lab.

    Jeramiah Dooley

    The home lab (and the rest which will get posted this week, hopefully) has been wonderful. I'm always finding myself talking to a customer or a co-worker and saying "I wonder what would happen if...we decided to try a vCD implementation with only external networks" or "Can we present resources from multiple clusters to the same vCD?" Being able to then log into my view desktop and build what I want to see, without having to clear it with anyone or worry about messing anything up is AWESOME. If I had to pick the gaming rig or the lab, I'd keep the lab in a heartbeat. Luckily my CFO is nice to me!

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