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    A Facebook User

    Every time I tried to ask a question during the licensing chat presentation it was ignored. Its simply the same pre-recorded demo they gave on launch day and there was zero response from VMWare during the session.

    So far at discussions on LinkedIn a VMWare rep said that I could simply buy vShield and CapIQ to help "right size" my VM's. #EpicFail

    Best I can tell so far, VMWare is circling the wagons and not listening at all. The absolute silence of the major VMWare bloggers is an indication of two things, they have been given their marching orders, and they want to keep their jobs. So while all I've seen from the heavies is feature set articles, and zero reference to the new vTax.

    Once again, the community is saying simply bump up the pathetic memory limits per CPU. 96GB per socket on ENT+ sounds about right to most involved.


    Good article!

    By the way, I am a VMware employee and a blogger. I can ensure you that no one within VMware or outside of VMware from the bloggers community has been asked to keep their silence. If you feel that the community is non-responsive this is by their own choice.

    I wrote an article about the impact on scale-up vs scale-out yesterday by the way: http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2011/07/21/scale-upout-and-impact-of-vram-part-2/

    Jeramiah Dooley

    Hi Duncan, thanks for the comment. Your overall comment is correct, and John Troyer has been very cool about making sure that there's no double standard for the vExperts: we can write whatever we want as individuals, positive or negative.

    Personally, I've already had one run-in with VMware legal over discussing licensing costs on my blog, and I'm not anxious to do that ever again. :-) Since I work for a partner that is partially owned/funded by VMware, it puts me in a...complicated...position. The easiest way for me to stay out of trouble is to advocate for my customers internally and help everyone communicate better externally.

    I'm more than happy to discuss opinions on ANYTHING, but VMware licensing is a topic that has to happen face-to-face over a beer! Thanks again for reading.

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