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    I think that for diskless servers, VMware is acknowledging that the right way to do logging is with a centralized log host (vMA or what have you).

    I'd argue thats the right way regardless, but, hey :)


    I wouldn't even worry too much about the scratch partition. For stateful and stateless hosts, the Syslog.global.logHost should be populated with a living syslog server. Even a stateful ESXi host loses all its logs once it's rebooted. Therefore, centralized logging is a best practice. It can be the vMA or it can be the new installable syslog server that comes on vCenter 5 installation media. This can all be configured with a simple PowerCLI script, host profiles, or simple point, click, type, save.

    Jeramiah Dooley

    Agreed on the best practice of central logging even though I detest syslog. :-) I found it interesting that the install behavior is different based on what you are installing to, which is AFAIK new for vSphere5.

    Thanks for the comments, gents!


    The reason for this is that ESXi installed on USB does not have a Scratch Partition and as such this cannot be used for logging. This is not new behavior to be honest, same behavior applies to versions prior to 5.0. it is recommended to configure a scratch partition with ESXi and use a syslog server to allow for "simpler" root cause analysis etc.

    Jeramiah Dooley

    Duncan, couple questions if you don't mind. It appears that there IS a /scratch partition on the USB install and I can point the logging there if I choose, it's just left unconfigured bu default. Is the install behavior new in v5, or is it just that the host alarm is new? I don't recall ever seeing the alarm before...

    Either way, you are right that it doesn't matter except in the lab, where I typically don't bother setting up syslog unless that's what I'm testing. Thanks again for the comment!


    the alarm is new, the behavior isn't. The "scratch" on the USB is non-persistent as far as I know so not really useful :)

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